By Montana Grant

Posted: April 25, 2021

As a Scoutmaster in Bozeman, I learned to always Be Prepared! Scouts in the Troop always joked that I had any and everything that might be needed for a campout. Truth was, I always did.

Today, my truck is set up success and safety afield. My Drift boat is set up for safety afloat. Below the rowing seat is a sturdy and sealable dry box that is filled with anything that I can think of that may save the day. I am not talking about life vests and lunches. These fit into other storage areas.

My Drift Boat box contains a changing selection of other needs. Here are some ideas.

Toilet paper and sanitary wipes

Fire building materials

Compact but warm, compressed clothes

Rain gear

Leatherman tool

Duct tape

Polarized sunglasses

Bug dope

First aid essentials

Extra socks

Small towel

Wire, asst. fix it gear and parts

Space blanket

Other needed stuff that may be necessary

You never know what may needed. On one trip, I had a client fall in, cut their hand, forget their glasses, break their reel holder, and needed to visit Mother Nature several times. After a strong headache was relieved, she offered to buy my day saving boat box! The good news was that she caught several huge trout in 3 species! That was her personal Best!

Montana Grant


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