By Montana Grant

Posted: April 17, 2021

The trout bite at Canyon Ferry is on now that the ice is gone. Bank fishing is the way to go. The fish are near the shore and are on the bite.

I stopped by Canyon Ferry to see if any walleye were biting near the Duck Ponds. My rig of a black jig, tipped with a worm, or a crankbait are usually the ticket. Instead of walleye bites, I began hooking up with big Bows.

Eventually I tied on a big Blue Fox silver spinner and started casting. It seemed like the fish were cruising the shoreline. The female bows were full of eggs and the spawn is on. Most of the trout were over 16 inches.

The fish fought well, and I only saw a couple of other anglers. Most were in a boat looking for walleyes. Canyon Ferry is managed as a trout fishery. The walleyes and pike were not native to the fishery and were illegally introduced. They feed on the small trout.

I drove up to Silos and chatted with several other Bank Masters. All had a couple of nice rainbows on their stringers. Most were using Power Bait or bobbers and worms. The boat ramp was busy, and most anglers were not as happy with the walleye bite. They did not like trout as much.

When I am asked what kind of fish my favorite is, I respond the one that is biting! At Canyon Ferry, I love the big trout on light tackle.

Time to get hooked up!

Montana Grant

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