By Montana Grant

Posted: April 29, 2021

This weeks Holey Waters report is looking good. Nymphs still rule but…


This may be the last week for decent fishing. The runoff is coming. Once the cold runoff hits, things will change. This watershed has plenty of snowpack. The flow is at 1,000cfs and rising. The Yellowstone changes daily. One day it is particularly good for streamers and the next nymphs are money. Fish are still in slow deep runs and tail outs. Look for midges and a few BWO’s in back eddies. Nymphs with rubber legs work well. The trashy and flashy stuff will stimulate more bites. Fishing is slower so work prime areas longer. You do not need to make long floats. Focus on several favorite pools and mix up your presentations.


As the snow melts, the river is getting colder and greener. Fishing in the canyon below Big Sky is slower than in the valley. I fished again at Headwaters Park and did well in the Madison and Gallatin. More surface action was going on. A Parachute Adams with a midge dropper was money. I also used bigger nymphs, worms, and glo bugs in the slower deeper water. Tapping the bottom produced more strikes with a tandem nymph rig. Fish were feisty and fat. A few BWO’s and March Browns were coming off.


                The lower is about to change. Ennis Lake is a causing flows and temps to change. Each day is different. More boats than normal. With consistent temps, the BWO’s and some Caddis should start in greater numbers. If it is cold, cold deep using nymphs and crayfish patterns. If it is sunny look for rising fish near the banks. Dead drifting olive and black wooly buggers will get you hook ups. The Rainbows are solid and strong. The worms and egg patterns are also working well. Caddis soon.

The upper is best below 3 Dollar Bridge and Lyons. Hegben and Quake Lakes are both frozen over. Once the river warms up a bit, so does the fishing. Mainly nymphs and some midge action. Fish tandem rigs. Go with the flash and trash. Fair number of boats and fishermen. Watch out for redds.

The best fishing is ahead!

Montana Grant

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