Incredibly close finish at Tough Guy Walleye Tournament- FINAL RESULTS
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: April 17, 2021

Nearly four dozen teams participated in Tough Guy Walleye Tournament this weekend on Fort Peck Reservoir. A team from Jordan and Fort Peck took home the top prize! Impressive weights were seen across the board, with around 0.3 pounds separating first and second place.

In First Place, Casey Thomas of Jordan and Jason Mundel of Fort Peck brought in 37.59 pounds.

They barely beat Justin Mindt and Casey Watson who brought in 37.28 pounds.

Rounding out the top three were Cole Frenzel and Grant Miller with 33.7 pounds.

Others in the top 10 included:

4. Eddie Mindt and Taylor Mindt- 29.2 pounds

5. Clyde Phipps and Brem Phipps- 27.39 pounds

6. Jesse Reuter and Kris Keller- 26.02 pounds

7. Jeff Fields/Rick Cotton- 24.9 pounds

8. Gage Gordon/Wayne Wilcox- 22.6 pounds

9. Wyatt Griffith/Braydon McKitrick- 22.32 pounds

10. Tyson Schledewitz/Tanner Roth- 20.44 pounds

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