Why is Crooked Creek Marina Boat Ramp tough to launch a boat?
By angelamontana

Posted: April 9, 2021

This is the latest post on Facebook from Slim of Crook Creek Marina on current conditions as far as launching your boat. Note it is March 14th:

“It is March 14th 2021. Crooked Creek is still froze and the ice is really rotten so please be careful if you come here. There will be no one to help you because I am closed until April. Also everyone needs to know the water level here is dangerously low! I found this weekend that the water out in front of the cabins is only about 1 foot deep as well as off of the boat ramp. We didn’t find any depth until about a mile or further out into the bay and it was only 2.5 to 3 feet or so!! Lets hope for some major spring storms because there is no runoff. Any how that’s all I have take care and be safe.”

We asked Darin McMurry from the US Army Corp on why the water level is so low on the Crooked Creek Boat Ramp:

“I have included a couple of aerials of the Musselshell Confluence taken in 2017 and 2020. Please note the changes in the delta area on the Musselshell south of the marina. The delta is approximately one mile south of the marina location. The bottom elevation of the boat ramp at Crooked Creek is 2225 therefore with current lake elevation at 2233.4, theoretically we should have enough depth to have good access at the Marina. That ramp was constructed in 2010.

What the photos do not tell is the potential deposition that has occurred since 2010 throughout the confluence area from this delta north to the Missouri River. That is the concern and unknown that is likely impacting current and potential access to the Marina, especially as lake elevations are uncertain with these dry conditions”.

Crooked Creek Marina‘s number is 406-429-2999 for daily updates or 406-366-6313

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