By Montana Grant

Posted: May 9, 2021

Maybe I should say “Fisher-Women”. If I need to go LGBQT, I am lost. Anyway, ALL fisher folks are welcome to cast a line. When it comes down to it, Fishing is just FUN!

Some folks fish for food. Trout, walleye, perch, and many finned fares are delicious. Ethical and legal harvests are fine. Fish are tasty and healthy to eat. Catching fish will fill your limits with joy, stories, and memories.

Some Folks fish for fun and release what they catch. Catch and Release fishing requires attention and training to proper handling and care of the fish so it can be caught again. Studies have shown that some fish are caught and released several times.

Some folks Fish to Fish. This is where the Feminine fisher-women fit in. I have never guided a woman that needed to catch a fish. Catching a fish was a bonus and sometimes a bother. My Mother enjoyed sitting on the bank with a cup of coffee and a book. Getting a bite meant she had to stop what she was doing to reel in a fish. Fortunately, she had me to take care of that.

My Aunt Francie was a wonderful Feminine Fisherwoman. Getting dirty, wet, or messy never stopped her. She was always in search of a Big Lunker! I remember her picking up thrown away fishing line and untangling it for her reel. She learned to tie perfect knots and was able to cast vintage gear like a pro. Her favorite kind of fishing was whatever she was fishing for at the time.

Women are wonderful fishing partners. They see the waters and environs differently than men. Their patience and presentation are unsurpassed. Paying attention to detail comes more naturally to the fairer sex.

When I fish with girls or women, they remind me about why we fish. The views, scenery, curiosities, critters, and sounds become more important. No one gets more excited, when catching a fish, than girls and women! Their screams and excitement are infectious and create great memories. There is nothing sexier than a girl catching a fish! Just saying.

I have also found women more inquisitive; the bugs are interesting, and they want to see the nymphs, pupa, and adults. Cleaning fish becomes more like a Science Class dissection. Cooking the fish becomes a flavorful adventure.

If you think fishing is just a Guy thing, you are missing the boat.

Montana Grant

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