By Montana Grant

Posted: May 6, 2021

The Spring runoff is here! Like it or not, our rivers have become colder, higher, and off color. This is typical of Montana Spring. As the temperatures rise, the high country snow melts and the fishing takes a beating.

Gallatin River

The water is dirty, cold, and rising. You can still catch fish, but the presentation is harder. Go flashy, trashy, and deep. I looked at the water near Amsterdam Road, near Belgrade, and the water is fishable but needs some attraction. Flows have doubled and the water is off color. I saw no rising fish or bugs. If you wade, be careful. Nymphs are the ticket. Think flash and trash.

Yellowstone River

Same story. High, off color water. Caddis are coming off but… The river is fluctuating, and changes will occur day to day. The water temps have also declined which slows down the fishing.

Upper Madison River

The water is honestly clear and cold. Good fishing below the 3 Dollar Bridge is the report. Streamers are working well on cloudy days. Olive, black, and green. Try wooly buggers, zonkers, and Madonna’s. Caddis soon.

Lower Madison River

The Ennis Lake is flipping around. The temps and overflow are changing the water daily. If you hit it right, all is good. Caddis is exploding near the shore. nymph and streamer fishing are consistent. The best fishing is in shallow waters and near banks.

Tight lines!

Montana Grant

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