By Montana Grant

Posted: June 17, 2021

If you follow Montana Grant, you may have noticed that this week I have been sharing cool treats and tips. Having been born in Maryland, I know what a HOT Summer is. These treats are also some great memories for outdoors folks to enjoy. They take little preparation, are transportable, and make a great surprise for the crew, when in the middle of the lake, on the beach, or around the campsite.

My Mom bought an ice shaver back in the day. It cost $5 at an antique shop in Snow Hill Maryland. I still have this old metal shaver, originally made in Pennsylvania. Occasionally, I sharpen the blade. This old shaver has made thousands of snowballs over my lifetime. It has been on boats, school trips, Birthday parties, backyard events, and … You can still find these hand shavers on eBay, or for sale online.

Prior to having this hand shaver, we used to use a cotton sack and a wooden hammer. Ice was loaded into the bag, and it was hammer time. The more you hammered, the finer the ice. This was our family camping fun treat. Now I know that you can buy an electric shaver, but what is the fun.

The hand shaver is portable. All you need is ice. We went fishing in a high mountain Tobacco Root Lake last August. There were still ice bergs floating in the lake. I found a truck sized blue iceberg near the shore and shaved up several Mountain Top snow cones. I brought some flavors along in my wheeler pack. So, there we were, fishing at over 10,000 feet, catching trout and eating natural ice snowballs on a hot August day! Now that’s FUN!

You can get flavors from Amazon. The best flavors are made in Baltimore at Chesapeake Bay Snacks and are under the label Kold Kiss. You can also order directly from the Baltimore location. Search online or on Amazon to order what you need. ACE Hardware stores also carry “Gold Medal” ready to pour flavors and cone cups. Look near the tool rental area.

 My favorite flavor is Kold Kiss Egg Custard. Now I know that this flavor sounds odd but trust me. You can get it as a syrup, that you need to mix, or as a premix ready to pour. Other party favs are Pina Colada, Banana, S’Mores or Chocolate, Root Beer, or wine cooler. You can also make Adult or sugar free versions. There is also a huge selection of other choices. Its also fun to name your own crazy, fun , flavors.

You can freeze your own ice or buy a block at the local store. I build an l-shaped board that can hook or clamp onto a bench or picnic table. Carry all the tools and flavors in an ice chest. Use a towel over the wood board to keep the ice from sliding. I wear an insulated rubber glove in my hand shaver hand. This will keep your hand from chilling. I also wear a pullover latex glove as my PPE. Shave away from you across the ice. Travel over the whole surface to keep the ice flat. Have replacement gloves for others to help shave.

The hand shaver can be adjusted and sharpened. Once you tune it in, just a few strokes will fill a snow cone cup or Styrofoam cup. Pile and pack the ice. Make a finger hole in the top and pour on some flavor. A small cone cup will use maybe 3 oz. of flavored liquid.

You can also add some creamed marshmallow on top. Serve with a small plastic spoon. A wooden tongue depressor will also work.

Stay Cool when the fishing is Hot!

Montana Grant

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