By Montana Grant

Posted: July 22, 2021

Add a Fire Blanket to you camping gear. This simple fire-resistant blanket can serve many uses, a s well as put out fires.

As a retired Science teacher, I always remember having a Fire Blanket box hanging in my classroom. We used Bunsen Burners and alcohol lambs frequently. Despite warnings, students would occasionally ignite something or spill flammable fluids. The blanket put out the fire before things got out of hand. A long-haired girl, in another classroom, caught her hair on fire. A quick-thinking student used the blanket to wrap her hair in and put the fire out before she was burned.

I still carry a fire blanket in my ride and along for camping trips. In a pinch, it can serve as a regular blanket, or ground cloth. Since most forest fires are started by Campers, this may be a choice for you. If the campfire flares up, simply cover the flames with the blanket. If the tent catches fire, use the blanket to throw over your body and get out. If you have a flare up when cooking, toss the blanket on top.

Fire blankets come in varying sizes and some even have hanging pouches. Whatever one you choose, educate everyone as to their use. A quality fire blanket may get a scorch but will not burn. Place the blankets in areas where they are needed.

Being prepared can make all the difference. We have all been camping and had a gust of wind blow embers about. Someone burning trash suddenly results in airborne embers. The blanket can quickly put the fire out before you burn down the campfire.

It is also a good idea to have a water bucket or fire extinguisher nearby as well. The Fire Blanket is often the first Go To way to address a fire hazard.

You can also tie one onto your wheeler, in case of grass fires from hot mufflers. If nothing else, you can wrap up in the blanket to stay warm or cover up in a rainstorm, since these blankets do not leak.

Check out the Fire Blanket choices online and watch some videos of how to use them. You will not go camping without one!

Montana Grant

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