FWP setting traps for snapping turtles in Clark Fork & Bitterroot River drainages
By angelamontana

Posted: July 9, 2021
Here is a message from MTFWP:
From July 1st through October 1st, 2021, FWP will be setting “hoop traps” in local ponds, sloughs, backwaters, and other waterways in an attempt to capture and remove invasive snapping turtles (see photo). These traps will mostly be set in the Clark Fork and Bitterroot River drainages. The hoop traps are not dangerous to people or pets and rarely result in bycatch of non-target species. FWP asks that recreationists please not disturb these traps if encountered.
If you have any questions about this effort, please contact Torrey Ritter, FWP Nongame Wildlife Biologist for Region 2, at 406-542-5551.
IMPORTANT: If you see or hear of a snapping turtle anywhere in the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, or Clearwater River drainages, or in the Clark Fork River drainage upstream of the town of St. Regis, please call Torrey Ritter at the number listed above as soon as possible. Thank you!
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