By Montana Grant

Posted: July 15, 2021

Montana Geysers offer more than some hot water and a tourist attraction. The famous Geysers, and hot springs, of Yellowstone Park may also benefit in other ways.

In other countries, that have Geothermal features, the resources have been exploited for energy, power plants, and heating.

Montana State University is currently “researching microorganisms that display the ability to extract important and useful metals from pyrite, an abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust.” Professor Eric Boyd is leading the way.

This Biotechnical research may reveal how these enzymes can also convert carbon dioxide, from the air, and convert it into methane, or natural gas. These same enzymes also seem to be able to pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into ammonia, which can be used by farmers as fertilizer.

This research will explain how this process works and identify which microorganisms do what. Extracting other metals from the abundant supply of pyrite, can extract nickel, which is needed in solar panels. This research will also be relevant and important for other renewable energy resources.

These amazing microbes are found in geothermal features in Yellowstone Park. This biogeochemical recycling takes place in the geothermal features. Real world applications for future energy and recycling needs are unlimited.

Old Faithful, and other geothermal features may lead the way for future energy projects.

Montana Grant

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