Grizzly Hackle gives the Clark Fork a 4/5 for Fishing as of 6.30.21
By angelamontana

Posted: July 1, 2021

There is a tree down just below Clinton across the entire river.  It’s in a sketchy spot and hard to portage around.  We suggest staying out of Clinton to Turah stretch for now until the water drops and it’s safer to get around the tree.

The Clarkfork is fishing well, but the bright sun and heat is making for shy fish to come up to the dry fly.  Dropper fishing has been much better, but there are still a few dry fly eat throughout the day.  Early morning to early afternoon has been the best time to get out.  Water temps are climbing in the afternoon and fish are feeling it.  Fishing is not good in the later afternoons and fighting fish in those temps can kill them.  A Goldenstone with a dropper has been our go to rig, unless you see fish eating PMD’s.  Golden’s to have right now are Rogues, Henry’s Fork Goldens, Jakes Golden, Bulletheads, Yellow Chubbies and Plan B’s.  Drop a Yellow Sally or PMD dropper off the back.  PMDs are out in spots in the mornings and a well presented Tilt Wing Dun, Galloup’s Found Link, Extended Body or Brindle Chute will get sipped.

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