By Montana Grant

Posted: July 18, 2021

When I was a kid, my Grandpa John, and Aunt Francie always bragged about catching Lunkers. They often fished Deep Creek Lake and the Dunkard Creek, in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Some of the fishing was in a small 14-foot boat and just bank fishing. Chasing Lunkers was always in the conversation.

Their stringers of “Lunkers” were always full. For years I thought Lunkers were a species of fish. Whether the stringer held bass, pike, perch, cats, or crappie, I thought they were all “Lunkers”. It was not until I became more experienced that I learned that “Lunkers” were about size, and not species.

A BIG LUNKER, was different for each species. A Lunker pike was over 35 inches long, a Lunker Perch was over 12 inches, and a Lunker Bass was different for a smallmouth, compared to a Largemouth Bass.

You can also buy LUNKER Oils, lotions, Sauces, Gels, Grubs, Lures, Kits, and Lights to get the attention of your favorite Lunkers. There are Lunker shops, outfitters, clubs, and organizations. No wonder I was confused as Kid.

I still search for Lunkers. Most fishermen are also on the hunt for a BIG LUNKER! We also call these BIG FISH, Pigs, Hawgs, Whales, Monsters, Brooders, and many other names.

Fishermen always need “One more Cast”, “One More Bite”, a “Bigger” fish, and a few more Lunkers!

Montana Grant

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