Methamphetamine in waterways may be turning trout into addicts
By angelamontana

Posted: July 7, 2021

An article by Jack Guy with CNN states that methamphetamine in the waterways may be turning trout into addicts.

Brown trout can become addicted to the illegal drug methamphetamine when it accumulates in waterways, according to new research.

Researchers led by Pavel Horky, a behavioral ecologist from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, set out to investigate whether illicit drugs alter fish behavior at levels found in bodies of water, according to the studypublished Tuesday.
The team put 40 brown troutin a tank of water, containing a level of methamphetamine that has been found in freshwater rivers, for a period of eight weeks, before transferring them to a clean tank.
Then every other day the researchers checked whether the trout were suffering from methamphetamine withdrawal by giving them a choice between water containing the drug or water without. A further 40 trout were used as a control group.
Trout that had spent eight weeks in water containing methamphetamine selected water containing the drug in the four days after moving to freshwater.
This indicates they were suffering withdrawal because they sought out the drug when it became available, according to the researchers.
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