By Montana Grant

Posted: July 19, 2021


Spin fishing is great fun. The shine of a spinner blade with often draw the attention of warm and cold-water fish. Tackle needs are small, and with some modifications, you can limit stress on the fish.

“Gold in the Sun and Silver in the Clouds” is how I learned what lure to use. On sunny days, the flash of a silver spinner blade may be too much. Gold spinner blades create less flash but still draw attention.

Many of us began fishing with a spinning rod. Spinners are a great way to explore a new area or search for fish. If the fish do not strike, they will follow. This gives away where the fish can be found. Now you can change your tactics.

The spinner size should also match the size of the baitfish that your catch quest is feeding on. The spinners blades appeal to the fish’s sight, hearing, and vibrations. Predatory fish use these senses to locate and attack their prey. The rotating blade is attached to a wire shaft with a clevis. Metallic, ceramic, or plastic beads add color and vibration. The shape of the spinner blade can also create vibrations.

The treble hook can also add color or create movement that attracts fish. Hair or plastics attached to the hooks offer more fish attractant sense appeal. Scented plastics or gel scents added to the spinner’s hair skirt an entice fish to strike. You can also remove the treble hooks and attach an oversized, single hook for easier Catch and Release.

As far as rods go, match the tackle to the fish you are after. A pike or walleye set up is way bigger than an ultra-lite trout rod. I enjoy going with as small of a rod/ reel, and line as you are comfortable with. The key is a great drag on the reel and quality line.

The best all around rod/ reel rig would be a 7–8-foot medium action rod with a matching reel. 6-10 lb. test monofilament line. Many rod / reel combo kits come preloaded and ready to go. You need to be able to cast a reasonable distance. Several rod lengths are a reasonable distance.

I would never leave home without; Silver or Gold Blue Fox, Panther Martins, or Mepps spinners in the size you need for the specific fishery. Check out your favorite Bob Ward’s Sporting Goods stores for great advice and selection.

The thing I love about fishing is that there is not just one important thing to learn. You will never know it all, and fishing Know it All is never much help.

Do your homework and have fun!

Montana Grant

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