Warning: Swimmer’s Itch believed to be in Noxon, Cabinet Gorge Reservoirs
By angelamontana

Posted: July 28, 2021

A recent warning by MTFWP prompts water users planning on going to Noxon and Cabinet Gorge Reservoirs to be cautious of the possibility of Swimmer’s Itch being present in the water. The warning is extended to the lower Clark Fork River system, including Triangle Pond, Frog Pond, Quinn’s Cut, etc.

To reduce the risk of infection after water exposure, shower and towel off immediately after extended contact with these waters.

Note that the risk for Swimmer’s Itch increases as the water temperatures rise in freshwater lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

Click here for more information on Swimmer’s Itch.’


Photo credit: wellsanfrancisco.com
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