Would you rather have a wildfire or sandstorm?
By angelamontana

Posted: July 29, 2021

We have it pretty bad here in Montana with the wildfires, and other states are in the same “boat”, if not worse.  Breathing in the particles is not good for anybody, but what if we had regular sandstorms?

Which would you rather have if you had to choose one of the two–wildfires or sandstorms?

Check out this footage of a huge sandstorm in China that looks like something you would see out of a movie–just as our wildfires appear to those that don’t live among them:

In news closer to home, okay–in the USA, check out this dust storm in Arizona that happened on Tuesday, July 26th:

And…in news even closer to home, here is what is happening in our area and surrounding areas (and this is already a week old):

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