Blackfoot River Fishing Report by Kingfisher Fly Shop 7.30.21
By angelamontana

Posted: August 2, 2021

If you’re planning on fishing the Blackfoot, Kingfisher Fly Shop suggests you pack your thermometer in your fishing pack.  Here’s their latest report from July 30:

**Time to put the thermometer back in the fishing pack. Watch the afternoon water temp. We call it a day around the 70 degree mark. Keep em wet, use a net, size up in tippet, and get the fish in quickly. A few tips we recommend**

The Blackfoot is running at about 800 cfs and is topping out around 69-70 degrees. Focusing on the early mornings and hitting the water with PMDs, hoppers, and spruce moths right out of the chute is still the way to go. The lower river, even early, has been giving up LOTS of little fish while the majority of the fatties we’ve been seeing have been mid river or higher. Pink/peach hoppers have been the ticket. Give them some motion to really get things going. Ants, beetles, and other terrestrials have also been picking up fish through out the morning.

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