Gallatin River Fishing Report by Montana Angler 8.24.21
By angelamontana

Posted: August 24, 2021


Current Conditions:

The higher sections of the Gallatin have cool waters and are fishing well. Once the river exits the canyon it warms fast and water levels drop due to irrigation pulls. Due to low water the river below Four Corners (downstream of Hwy 84) is closed to protect fish during warm summer weather and low flows. In the canyon and the upper river in Yellowstone Park the hatches are mostly over and fish are now focusing on terrestrials such as hoppers in meadows and spruce moths in forests.

The Month Ahead:

The Gallatin will offer good fishing in the mornings and early afternoons. Focus on the upper reaches above irrigation draws from the mouth of the canyon to through Big Sky and into YNP.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:

The Gallatin will be lower than normal this summer so pay attention to water temps and plan your fishing for early mornings. Water temps will begin dropping in late August when nights grow longer.


Current Conditions:

The full fishing closure has been lifted on the East with the recent rains bringing better flows and cooler water temperatures. The terrestrial bite should be on during the afternoons and produce some exciting takes.

The Weeks Ahead: 

The coming weeks will see a rise in Trico hatches early in the morning and a terrestrial bite in the afternoon. Fish early and keep an eye on water temps as summer progresses.

Long Term Fishing Forecast: 

Late afternoon water temps will improve starting in late August as nights get longer and the lower reaches will likely come back into play by September. For now fish early and focus on the upper reaches or other waters in the area.

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