By Montana Grant

Posted: August 28, 2021

Future fishermen are vital to having fisheries in the future. Like minded outdoor kids will one day become a voter. Fishery protections, choices, and conservation will be defended by the next generation. Teaching a kid how to fish is also just great FUN!!!

I have never seen a person catching a fish, not smile. Most people remember their first fish for a lifetime. The bite, tug, and battle are often supported with tasteful videos or pictures.

Fishing is a great way to teach kids how to make choices. You can’t fight and reel in a fish while on the cell phone. Focusing on fishing means that kids are distracted from stress, anger, hate, and other negative, stressful issues.

Fishing is a wonderful metaphor for life. It includes everything that a parent wants for their kids.

Fishing happens in beautiful places. Celebrating wild open spaces is intimate and special. There is always a new destination to explore and visit.

Fishing is about making Choices. Where, how, when, with who, and with what. These choices will determine success.

Fishing is about Rules, Regulations, and Limits. Understanding what we can and can’t do are important to understand.

Fishing requires a budget!  Fishermen never have enough rods, reels, clothes, hats, and gear. There is always a new something that you must have. Without hard work and a budget, you will not get it.

Fishing is about Friendship. Fishing friends are often lifelong friends. Teaching others to fish is a wonderful gift.

Fishing feeds the body and soul. Food is an important need to survive. Fishing makes us feel better.

Fishing is a healthy lifestyle. Anglers often wear fishing on their sleeve. We wear it, share it, talk it, and walk it! You can’t be a great fishermen if you abuse drugs, booze, or other harmful substances.

Fishing is a year around hobby. Not only can we fish, but we also learn to tie flies, build rods, attend outdoor shows, join clubs, network, and dream.

Fishing is about safety. Life vests, survival skills, be prepared for an emergency, or just looking out for yourself or others.

Fishing is about being Stewards of the environment. When we appreciate something, we take better care of it.

Fishing is about protecting and Conserving our fisheries for the next generations. You can throw the fish back! Oh, and you don’t have to wear a facemask!

Fishing is just great FUN!!!

Catch a big one!

Montana Grant

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