By Montana Grant

Posted: August 1, 2021

We only get one pair of eyes in our lifetime. With new advances in medical care that could change but… Who does not want to see the fish, when fishing?

Eyes are the only body part that is the same size when you are born and when you die. They are like tires with a lifetime warranty. If you abuse the warranty, good luck. Not all eyes are created equal, but they are what you have and should be protected.

As I aged and needed glasses, I fought it tooth and nail. My astigmatism was not going to slow me down. Then I though about how much of my day was spent wearing sunglasses while fishing, shooting glasses when hunting, and glasses when driving. Who would even know that I needed glasses at all?

Polaroid glasses, and shooting glasses, do more than protect our eyes. They help us mark our targets, see the fish, track a flying pheasant, amplify your dominant eye, and keep our eyes safe. Any sport involving sharp hooks, BB’s, or other flying objects, can result in damage to your eyes. Branches , sticks, insects, and bright light can all ruin your day.

You get what you pay for when buying optics. How much are your eyes worth? Cheapo glasses scratch from cleaning. Even if you use a silk cloth and expensive spray, the lenses will fog and scratch. Now you are looking at a blurred world.

Care and maintenance of your optics is critical. Who can see or enjoy the view out of a pair of crusty, dirty, smeared lenses? Use a proper cleaner and cloth to keep your lenses clear and clean.

What is the point of protecting your eyes if you cannot see? Get a comfortable fit, that gives you a clear view, and keep your eyes safe!

Seeing is believing!

Montana Grant

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