By Montana Grant

Posted: October 14, 2021

Strikes again. Real hunters hunt hard, hunt harder, and take their 6-month-old baby girl along. Payten must be their good luck charm.

A few weeks ago, Lucas Zemlicka tagged a great bull with his bow. He posted a picture of his wife Alishia, rolling a stroller with Baby Payten on board. An elk quarter was in her backpack. That is real commitment. The last comment from Alishia was “My turn next!”

Both Lucas and Alishia are cross fit trainers and athletes. They pride themselves on being physically fit. Bow hunting elk is a lifelong addiction. Lucas is also a master caller. Both are bow marksmen.

Lucas was able to call this bull in. The 6×6 bull was not where he was supposed to be. The terrain was wide open with rolling hills. A few sweet cow calls and Alishia had a broadside bow shot at 10 yards! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Like most men, when a bull gets focused on a cow, they drop their guard and go all in. When the time is right, you can’t go wrong. Payten gets to go along for the ride. They will all be enjoying a freezer full of back straps and healthy meat.

I did not see a picture of Lucas rolling the stroller with Baby Payten, while hauling out Alishia’s bull. Both bulls are trophies, but I kinda think the real trophy is Payten.

So, when will Baby get to hunt?

Montana Grant

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