By Montana Grant

Posted: October 16, 2021

Halloween is upon us again. With the holiday time comes Trick or Treating. This means that kids need to get their healthy candy fix.

Last season was in the middle of the Covid Pandemic nightmare. This was scary enough. Cross contamination was also scary. How can you give out Treats without getting others sick?

Here was the Trick that we used. WE placed the fresh candy in a bowl and used tongs to select items. They were then placed onto a slide, so they could land into the Trick or Treaters sacks. No one got sick, no one was sad, and everyone had a safe time.

We also used our propane campfire to add some heat and fun. The dogs could enjoy the spooky costumes as well.

I also saw a creative candy zip line made of a can decorated like a ghost. The candy was loaded, and the Ghost was released. Kids picked out their treats and the homeowners used a fishing reel to reel the ghost can back to the porch for reloading. Spooky, creative, safe, and fun!

Being creative is what makes Americans great. Once we see and identify a concern, we can create and overcome. There is no need to “Cancel” another tradition.

Treat or Treat slides are fun!

Montana Grant

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