By Montana Grant

Posted: October 10, 2021

So, you hire a guide to take you afloat or afield and do not pay attention? Why would you do that? What was the purpose of hiring a guide? Many sportsmen like to brag and rarely shut up. Try listening to what your guide, mentor, or friend has to say for a change.

Back in my Guide Days, I learned to give direction and advice 3 times. After that I was telling stories. When I hire a guide, it is because I need to learn. Usually, when I enter a new area, a guide can shortcut the learning process. That is why I look for a guide that is a good teacher. Rowing a boat is not my goal. I can do that myself.

As a hunter, maybe I draw a tag in a different area than I am used to. Perhaps a horse is needed along with a remote camp. A Guide or Mentor can saddle me up and show me the ropes. Learning new skills and areas is the best part about hunting.

New hunting and Fishing Buddies can offer Guide skills as well. Maybe you are a new fly fisherman or bowhunter. Learning from a Mentor is a great gift. As you master a skill share it with others. You will be amazed at what you will learn from others. My first horsemanship skills were taught to me by a great Mentor, cowboy, and hunter named Terry Allen. I still have a lot to learn and look forward to future hunts.

“The most important things that you learn are the things that you learn, after you already know everything!” Doesn’t this make perfect sense. Its ok to listen and ask questions. You didn’t hire a Guide so they could listen to you. As a Guide, I have learned a lot from clients but… my job was to educate them.

If you hire a Guide to cook, row, or keep you company, then you missed the boat. A great guide can teach the best experts’ new tricks. I once hired a guide to teach me how to row a drift boat. Everything that you do is opposite when rowing. You are oaring upstream to go safely downstream. I learned to “always row/ back away from the danger!” Seat adjustment, oar length, stroke types, and so much more was on the lesson plan. Positioning the boat is critical to catching a fish. Anchoring and netting fish requires other navigation tools. Loading and unloading the boat is also a learned skill. That day was worth every penny, and we survived Yankee Jim Canyon’s rapids.

There is not just one most important thing to learn. A Guide or Mentor can add information to your tackle box that is priceless, if you simply pay attention.

You will Like what you Learn after you Listen!

Montana Grant

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