By Montana Grant

Posted: October 16, 2021

No hunter wants to waste a critter. Hunting is hard, shooting is harder, and finding the downed game after the shot, can be even tougher.

Smart hunters bring along a special hunting tool. Trained dogs are amazing. These special hunting tools can be the difference between bringing home the bacon or telling stories about the ones that got away. Trained dogs can be used in many ways. Shed hunters often rely on canines to find antlers. Big Game hunters have used dogs to track a wounded critter, after the shot. Upland bird hunters enjoy pointed and flushing birds when using a dog. Waterfowl hunters keep their feet dry after knocking down a duck or goose.

Here are some other reasons why Dogs are so important.

Dogs always want to hunt!    These family pets become your best and most reliable hunting companion. Once you embrace hunting with a dog, you will never be without one.

Save the game!    Finding a downed bird or critter can be hard, especially if wounded or in tough cover. A dog is relentless in locating and retrieving your kill. Now there is no need to shoot additional critters to fill your limit.

Dogs extend the hunt!    Once you own a hunting dog, the season never ends. Training and conditioning will keep you and them in tip top shape. You may also expand seasons to include Game Farms, where school can be in session in a safe and controlled classroom.

Dogs make you hunt!    AS we age, the fire to hunt begins to dim. A dog will encourage and guilt trip you into heading afield for them. You will always be glad you came along.

Dogs don’t mind getting wet!   If you knock down a bird in a river, slough, or pond, dogs will keep you dry. Do be careful if the water is high, fast, or rough.

Dogs are the Best Hunting and fishing Buddies!    They rarely complain, are always available, and love to tag along. You will get a dirty look from them if you miss or lose a fish.

Companionship is so important. It is also important to not leave wasted game afield. Train up your dog soon!

Montana Grant

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