By angelamontana

Posted: October 18, 2021

The Montana Deer and Elk general rifle season is Saturday October 23rd. Your hunting rig can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. To avoid breakdowns in the field make sure you have your vehicle serviced before you head out. Servicing your vehicle and make sure it runs properly is a great start. What you carry in your vehicle is also important. I have also included a list of items that experienced hunters have helped me put together. Each year I have added a few things with additional input from readers. It may seem like there are more items than you might have room for but if packed properly everything should fit nicely into your hunting rig. Pack the items that you are least likely to use first and the items you are more likely to use in last. Good Luck! Feel print it out for future reference.    

-Lil Lightning Pak-is the size of a cell phone and it will jump start your rig plus charge your cell phone and also can be used as a flashlight.

-A very good First Aid Kit that includes trauma treatment items in it    

-Service your vehicle: Change oil, check antifreeze level, (strength of the antifreeze should be 30 degrees below zero or better), battery fluid levels, transmission-transfer case levels

-Inspect serpentine belt (fan-belt) replace if worn or cracked (save your old one for a spare.

-Inspect your tires and check tire pressure, including your spare tire.

-Tire chains-make sure they fit and are in good condition. It is a good idea to practice putting them on before you go.

-Two vehicle ramps. (It makes putting tire chains an easier task)  


-Flashlight with extra batteries for your map-GPS-compass.

-Tool box (Make sure all your tools are in order)

-Jumper cables or Jump Start Power Pack

-Assorted nuts-bolts-washers-mechanics wire-duct tape-electrical tape-wire ties.

-Extra oil-antifreeze-Automatic Transmission. Fluid-Radiator Stop Leak.

-High lift jack or come-a-long

-Tow straps or tow chains-Heavy Rope.

-Snow shovel, ax-bucket-tarp.

-2×6 that is 1 to 4 feet long (Might help to put under tires if you are high centered) 

-Old carpet to lie on if you have to get under your vehicle

-Ice chest with freshwater and food like jerky-dehydrated fruit-energy bars.

-Old sleeping bag-blankets-firewood.

If you get stuck or break down stay with your rig. You are more likely to be found in your rig and with the right emergency supplies you will be safer.

If you have anything to add to the HUNTERS VEHICLE CHECKLIST please e-mail to 

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