The Triton
By angelamontana

Posted: October 29, 2021

Ken Young, from Billings, and his son went elk hunting opening weekend in southwest Montana.  The duo hiked in in the dark to where the elk they spotted on the Friday before should have been passing back through to bed in the timber.  Sure enough, over the ridge, the elk started to filter in.

“My son and I spotted the elk and saw the bull had something crazy going on with his right antlers.”

Ken’s son ranged the bull at 575 yds, and by the time Ken was on it, the bull was at 600yds.  Ken knew his hold over for his .338 Lapua, and he “let one go”.

“I hit him at the bottom of his rib cage and he dropped.”

What an awesome and memorable story, Ken! Congratulations on your “Triton”!


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