A Sled of the Curve: Top 5 Sledding Destinations in Montana
By Krawdaddy Jones

Posted: November 19, 2021

Whether you’re a kid or adult, snow is something that marks your Montana winter season beginning with a beautiful flourish. Once that snow is on the ground, however, it’s a totally different story. There’s lots of ways to enjoy this snow, skiing downhill or cross country, making snowmen and having snowball fights. A personal favorite way to enjoy the snow when I was a child was sledding. Montana has lots of amazing hills and slopes, so growing up I’ve compiled quite the list of recommendations. If you’re looking for a cheap way to get out of the house and make whimsical winter memories with your kiddos, look no further. Here I present to you, the top 5 sledding destinations in Montana!



Rainbow Park is one of the CLASSICS in Missoula. With an easy slope to start on, as well as steeper heights to venture, and lots of new friends to meet, Rainbow takes the cake for one of the best sledding destinations in Montana. It’s accessible via Miller Creek, a quiet residential neighborhood, and always free. You’ll wanna get sledding as soon as you can after that first powdery snow, though, because this park is popular amongst the neighborhood kids.


A little farther into the plains, and a little less steep, but just as exciting is the Snowfill Recreation Area. This charming hiking and dog park is a perfect spot toshred on your sled. Located in the bubbly college town of Bozeman, Snowfill is the perfect place to not only sled, but hike and explore the gorgeous, mountain hugged plains. Although, since dogs are allowed off leash, make sure to be careful and aware of your surroundings before ripping down the slopes.



This park is a little bit less steep, making it great for younger kiddos. Located in the gorgeous Billings, Montana, this sled-ready hill is perfect for a light day. Right at the base of Rim Rock Road, this hill is an easier climb, softer slope and it’s safely located in a residential neighborhood. Rimpoint Park sits right off Rim Rock Road, just southwest of Palisades Park.


Driving further up Blue Mountain Rd will lead you to the trailhead of the stunning Blue Mountain Trails. This special Missoula spot is a pretty massive hill, great for more experienced sledders. You’ll get fresh air in many ways, as there’s lots of hiking trails and horse trails. The quality of the snow can vary, since this hill is so massive, so look out for pockets of slick ice amongst the powdery snow.



Located in Bozeman, Peets Hill is an optimal place for sledding as well as hiking. With varying types of slopes and trails that cut through so you have lots of opportunities to change slopes. The trails and patches of the slopes can be icy in the winter so be careful of slipping. These trails are away from residential areas, but the park does have a restroom and parking. You can really achieve some high speed sleddage, but be careful of hikers and off leash dogs!



Photos courtesy of dreamstime.com, depositphotos.com and istock.com


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