FWP clarifies changes to wolf hunting, trapping regulations
By angelamontana

Posted: November 4, 2021

In August, the Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted several changes to the 2021/2022 wolf hunting and trapping regulations.

Changes include eliminating quotas, increasing the number of wolf trapping and hunting licenses allowed for individual hunters, extending wolf trapping seasons and the allowance of snares to harvest wolves.

The changes also specified that hunters are allowed to purchase and possess 10 wolf hunting licenses – a separate license for each wolf they harvest – and trappers are allowed a bag limit of 10 wolves. This means an individual who hunts and traps can take a total of 20 wolves in a license year.

The regulations initially said hunters and trappers could take 10 wolves total. The regulations will be corrected to align with the intent of the commission.

“We want to make this clarification so hunters, trappers and members of the public are clear about the wolf regulations for this hunting and trapping season,” said FWP Director, Hank Worsech.

For more information on hunting and trapping wolves in Montana, visit fwp.mt.gov. To view the current wolf harvest status, visit the online harvest page.


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