MLB slugger bags monster Illinois buck
By angelamontana

Posted: November 24, 2021

Meanwhile, in the rest of the country…

The midwest sure does have a different type of buck!  Check out this potentially “highest-grossing typical whitetail of the year” that MLB slugger Jim Thome took with his bow:

Last Friday, Nov. 19th, former MLB slugger Jim Thome arrowed what may well be the highest-grossing typical whitetail of the year.

The towering buck’s right-side G2 measures a whopping 14 inches long, and both G3s are 13. All told, the 7½-year-old giant green-grossed 226-2/8.

Thome first encountered the buck on his central-Illinois farm in 2018. His friend and hunting partner Mike Matheny, former MLB catcher and current manager of the Kansas City Royals, passed on the deer when it was 4½ years old, recognizing its potential. In the ensuing three seasons, Thome has gotten hundreds of trail-cam pics of the giant and has had several encounters with the buck in the field.

Read the full article by Scott Bestul with Field and Stream here.

 Photo credit: Drury Outdoors
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