Monster bull moose fight caught on video
By angelamontana

Posted: November 9, 2021

Holy moly!  Check out these bulls fighting each other.  It wasn’t filmed in Montana, as it was in Alaska, and it was posted last year by husband and wife photography team, Rick and Libby Libbey.  It is a good watch.

What a rush to see in person, as it is a rush just watching it on video!

We have been fortunate enough to film a few moose fights, but this one is the longest yet. There are three angles working here; the two of us (Team MooseMan,) Rick and I, aa well as a beautiful sequence courtesy of Michael Mauro of Wild and Exposed podcasts. (Also Truth and Legend Productions).He and Rick were filming from one location, I was farther away (filming another bull as he crossed the creek. That video later.)

Standing on the other side of a babbling creek, (the prevalent audio) we caught this amazing fight from three different angles, sewn together here as one cohesive video. As you can see these bulls covered a lot of territory in their five minute struggle. They really get pushing each other around and you can see them gouge at each other; the fur really flies here

Other bulls nearby are somewhat curious about the action, but lose interest quickly. Same with the cows. And that’s who this is all about/for!

We hope you enjoy and please subscribe for more moose (and other wildlife) videos. Thanks for watching our channel, the husband/wife team of Rick and Libby Libbey, (Libby squared), New Hampshire wildlife photographers (and part time Alaska.)

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