Montana recreation guides available from the Bureau of Land Management
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: November 19, 2021

(BILLINGS, Mont.) – It’s never too early to plan your next adventure. Stop by your local Bureau of Land Management office to pick up a free guide to BLM recreation sites in Montana.

The BLM has a place for just about every outdoor activity, all year long. The guide highlights 147 places in Montana where you can hike, hunt, camp, float, fish, swim, climb, and ride on public lands. Cabin rentals are also available. One side of the guide shows locations while the other offers photos and brief descriptions of selected sites.

“Our recreation planners from all corners of the state provided the most updated information. It’s an easy way to discover recreational sites on BLM lands and see what amenities are offered at each,” said Brian Smith, lead recreation planner. “If you enjoy outdoor activities, this guide is a great resource.”

The guides are free and available from BLM offices across the state.

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