No Hunting Sign Includes Green Decoy Groups
By angelamontana

Posted: November 22, 2021

Have you seen this sign around Montana?

Here’s a post that was made by Montana resident, Maggie Beck:

🍁🍂 Some of you may see these signs this Hunting Season… and they may have a little sting to them, but truth is… Farmers, Ranchers, Loggers, Miners and Sportsman should all stick together to keep our way of life protected. Anyone who donates to PETA and HSUS are also contributing to the lobbying against us. These (2) groups recently lost their non-profit status, to show you how much money they make off of your ‘Donation’. So… think about who and what you are actually supporting… and how it may effect YOU one day. If any of you want a sign to post on your property… please contact the Rocky Mountain Stockgrowers Association🍁🍂

Would you post this sign on your property?

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