REMINDER to be careful when you approach a down animal
By angelamontana

Posted: November 23, 2021

Here is a reminder from Bill Heavey with Field and Stream to be very careful on how you approach a deer after you shoot it. (Note this article is from October of 2019, but it still applies to all hunters with all game animals and predators.)

A hunter in northern Arkansas died on October 22 of this year after being gored by a deer he’d shot and thought he’d killed. Thomas Alexander, 66, of Yellville, Ark., was muzzleloader hunting alone when the attack took place.

“It appears he shot the deer and he had put his rifle down near the deer stand and walked down to check and make sure it was dead,” Arkansas Game and Fish Commission chief of communications Keith Stephens told ABC News. “And that’s when whatever happened, happened.” Apparently, the buck got up and attacked Alexander with its antlers. The hospital confirmed that there were several puncture wounds on his body, although authorities said it was unknown whether he had a heart attack or died from his wounds.

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