By Montana Grant

Posted: November 21, 2021


The last major volcanic eruption, in Yellowstone Park, was 640,000 years ago. Since then, Yellowstone has become the most popular park in the world. YNP is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Despite having over 3,000 earthquakes a year of up to 4.38 intensity, the park continues t evolve.

Yellowstone is truly larger than life. From a height of 11,358 feet above sea level to 5,282 feet at Reese Creek, the park is famous for many things. There are more than 500 active geysers, 290 waterfalls, and the densest population of mammal species in the country. 4/5ths of the park is forested. There are also 15 miles of boardwalks. The geysers erupt to heights over 300 feet, and life even exists in the boiling hot spring waters.

Yellowstone almost was not a park. In 1894, President Grant established the first National Park. Prior to that, the area was given to the Crow Indians as their reservation. When politicians saw how wonderful the land was, a park was created and the Crow Indians were moved east, near Absarokee. The same thing happened when congressmen visited the Indian Reservation and decided that it was too good for the Indians. The Crow were again moved east to Crow Agency, where they live today. The Politicians and wealthy also bought up the wonderful land for themselves.

10 Years after Yellowstone became a park, the same wealthy greed surfaced. Apparently, the Dept. of the Interior negotiated a contract with the Yellowstone Park Improvement Co. The deal allowed them to lease areas in the park to the wealthy. Suddenly the National Park was becoming a Private Preserve. Hunting and fishing were exploited, and the minerals extracted. Natural Resources were being harvested and removed. The Army served as the park police and also enjoyed the parks abundant resources.

Thanks to George Grinnell and Teddy Roosevelt, the nonprofit Yellowstone National Protection Act was passed in 1894. Millions of tourists visit the Park annually.

Last Best Places always seem to be at risk for the same greedy and selfish reasons. Haves want to have it all.

Montana Grant

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