By Montana Grant

Posted: December 16, 2021

Montana and America are wonderful, awesome, and great places to celebrate life. Last year, the Pandemic put a hold on so many Holiday traditions. Parades could bring people too close together, even in Big Sky country. The local Belgrade Community decided to bring the Parade to the People.

Local commercial truckers, construction companies, and big rig owners, decorated their rigs for this special gig. A few thousand LED’s, a discreet generator, and a Santa hat for the driver and Belgrade was Parade Ready.

The Parade route weaved its way throughout the town. Some folks sat along the streets, some inside cars and trucks, socially distanced, while others just had to look out their front doors. Jingle Bells was honked out on truck horns and Christmas music was cranked up on others.

This year was the second season for what was supposed to be a Pandemic band aid parade. Almost tice as many decorated rigs were involved this year. A lot more spectators, vaxxed and distanced appropriately. The Big Sky Country fresh air took care of the rest.

There has been no new pandemic outbreak. The Belgrade parade has not been in the news as a Super Spreader event. A bunch of local neighbors just decided to celebrate our roots, home, and America.

Many of the lighted rigs flew the American flag. Events like this don’t happen in other places around the world. Things like this happen in America!

Its no wonder that Montana is a destination at the end of the rainbow. This is where America is still alive and well!

Keep on Truckin!     And Merry Christmas.

Montana Grant

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