By Montana Grant

Posted: December 4, 2021

Many Montanans have canoes, kayaks, and small boats in their yards. If the community has a covenant that prevents these boats from being on site, here are some ideas to turn your watercrafts into decorations.

Santa likes to boat too. I am sure that he and the elves kayak during the North Poles off season. Santa also enjoys catching a few fish while enjoying a jaunt onto the water.

In my community, the Covenant requires boats be stored behind fences and out of sight. Each Christmas, I drag the Ripple Runner into the front yard and prop it up onto a wooded sawhorse. Once strapped in place, I place an illuminated Santa into the bow. He has a long pole adorned with lights that travel to an illuminated huge trout. I used a t-post to support the giant rainbow. A homemade Timber Deer is paddling Santa into position. I also added a moving holiday light that mimics water motion to ice the cake.

Each year, we notice many drive-by holiday viewers enjoying the action. Santa has even been published in our local newspaper. The holiday adorned canoe has become an annual tradition.

Other ideas include plopping a lit Christmas tree into your boat. Party Barges work perfectly as porches or decks. Add some holiday lights and the eyesore becomes a contribution to holiday spirit.

Santa also likes to camp. Maybe setting up a wall tent, or RV decked out for the holidays could be fun. Junk cars can also be enhanced to bend the rules and add some holiday cheer. Use the storage fees to buy some more gifts or treats.

After Christmas you have Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Santa loves diversity, Chocolate hearts, and Bunnies with Easter baskets. Just creatively adjust the decors to meet the correct themes. After Easter, the boats can get back into the water after the ice melts.

It is always fun to enjoy the creativity of neighbors during the holidays.

Montana Grant

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