By Montana Grant

Posted: December 16, 2021

Montana traditions never change. It seems that some Montanans have also returned to their old ways. Global Warming, expensive gas, and reducing Carbon emissions has become the new normal. Some Montanans just want to do their part.

The other day I wandered into Stacey’s Old Faithful Bar and grill in Gallatin Gateway. They were open and hoppin. Several patrons rode in for a cold brew or shot of Red Eye. The horses seemed to be happy. Several gallant steeds were tied to the truck bumpers while others grazed in the neighbor’s yard. The bar was full of bull smelling, horse sweating, cowboys! It was like going back in time.

Stacey’s Bar has been around forever. Back in the day, it was also the house of ill repute. The upstairs was a den of iniquity where the maidens were old and faithful. I am not sure what the food was like back in the day, but the menu today is excellent. Steaks, burgers, and other fun Montana cuisine is offered. The beer is always cold while you sit at the vintage bar.

Many locals stop by to say howdy and have a few with their friends. Bands show up on the weekends for some two stepping and raucous behavior. The nearby Gallatin River drifts close enough so that even a few fishermen get hooked up for a cool one on a hot summer day.

The Horse rail hitching posts need to be reinstalled so locals can keep up with the times. Maybe a corral out back would help. Who knows when a posse on horseback will show up for a quickie! Oh, and remember the upstairs is closed, but a quick brew is always on tap.

Yeeha and Cheers!

Montana Grant

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