By Montana Grant

Posted: December 19, 2021

More severe injuries occur from Ice Fishing than any other traditional fishing. Add in power augers, sharp ice blades, sharp hooks, freezing water and cold, propane heaters, and slick conditions means things can get serious in a hurry.

Ice fishing is not for everyone. Those of our Brave Brotherhood that embrace pulling a fish through an ice hole simply love it. Many of us have the scars to prove it. Smart icemen don’t brag about not having an accident. As soon as you mention your Ice fishing Superpowers, the ice will become your Kryptonite.

The Mayo Clinic researched fishing accidents. The study revealed that ice injuries were most common with average aged males. These 40 somethings did some real damage

Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal injury from falls

                Minor trauma from lacerations, abrasions, contusions, and hook injuries

                Major trauma from amputation, organ damage, closed head injury, and concussions

                Hot thermal injury from heating systems gone wrong

                Immersion or drowning

                Hypothermia and cold thermal issues.

Ironically, most Hypothermia cases happen at warmer temperatures. Icemen tend to get some frostbite on fingertips, toes, or ears, but Hypothermia is less of an issue.

 A walking stick/ski pole is also a good idea. smart and well-equipped Iceman needs traction fitted boots, warm socks, warm underclothes, a ice suit that is equipped with flotation, a warm coat with hand warmers and gloves, and a safe place to sit. Some Icemen haul huge tents, shelters, and a lot of gear to stay warm and comfortable. When the weather is so awful that I may consider needing that much gear, I stay home and wait for the weather to change. If the fishing is hot, you won’t get cold or need an Ice Condo.

Sliding a sled, with equipment is ideal. You can easily carry all the gear you need. Local ice fishing Facebook groups are a good place to ask questions and get ideas. is also helpful and free to join. Icemen are the friendliest and most helpful anglers on the water.

As a lifelong Boy Scout and Outdoor Educator, I learned long ago to be prepared for any and all emergencies. If you are prepared, they rarely happen.

Ice fishing is cool but the fishing, and fun can be hot!

Montana Grant

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