By Montana Grant

Posted: December 23, 2021

It’s cold, hunting season has ended, Christmas is around the corner, and days are getting shorter. Less sunlight, Covid Cooties, normal illness, and laziness are all contributing to feeling poorly. There is only one solution left.

Take the Cure! Fortunately, the shortest day of the year is on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. After the 21st, each day will gain about 5 minutes more of sunlight. This increased dose of Vitamin D has to help. Before you know it, we will see sunsets after 9 pm and sunrises before 5am.

Cures like masks, social distancing, vaxxing, or other Covid meds make many cranky and obstinate. Here is a quick cure for all these issues.

Ice Fishing    Wear no mask or maybe just a wrap from the cold. Leave the shelter at home to avoid confined Covid cootie spread. We don’t need any Ice Fishing Super spreader events. Breathe the Rocky Mountain clean and crisp air. Keep ice holes close enough to talk with your ice buddies but far enough apart to avoid germs.

Snow mobiles, skiing, and sledding.    Our outdoors will help you become cured while doing all these events. Breathe deeply and have fun. Cross country skiing or just hiking outdoors is a cure. We do not want to hibernate in our caves. Dress for the weather and venture forth.

Feast Healthy    Freezers of Hunters and Gatherers should be bursting and abundant. Try new and healthy recipes. Feast on the hard-earned bounty of our waters and forests.

Prepare, organize, get ready!    Next year is just around the corner. Tie flies, maintain gear and garments, clean and tune weapons, plan trips and adventures.

No one likes medicine but follow Dr. Montana Grant’s advice and enjoy the season.

Montana Grant

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