By Montana Grant

Posted: December 5, 2021

As another hunting season comes close to the end, many sportsmen will start turning to fishing. Montanans pride themselves on being able to thrive using our natural bounty. Not only does Nature nourish our bodies, but it also feeds our souls. Hopefully, many Montanans had an abundant Thanksgiving that was also shared with family, friends, and the community.

Abundant wild natural resources do not just happen. Thanks to smart management, habitat protections, and rules, and limits, there will be plenty more opportunities next year.

Most Sportsmen appreciate the gifts from Nature. To give thanks, they also help serve as Stewards of the land. Many outdoorsmen are part of great organizations and groups that also help to maintain, manage, and protect our wild places. Respectful harvests are withing the limits and rules.

Ethical sportsmanship has been passed down from one generation to another. You can see it when you view posts online from various outdoor groups. Pride in legal and ethical harvests are displayed respectfully. Youths first harvests, new hunters into our sport, and adventures told and retold are in full display.

Sadly, there are always a few “Takers”. Some people allow greed, dishonesty, laziness, and selfishness to guide their poor choices and decisions. Takers just Take and leave nothing positive behind. They leave a trail of trash. carcasses in the ditch, gates open, fences cut, trespass, poach, and disrespect others and our sport. Their misdeeds unfortunately reflect on all of us.

Caretakers on the other hand, Take Care to respectfully ensure that our wild places endure. Quality hunting, fishing, and public outdoor places exist thanks to ethical outdoorsmen. These Caretakers leave clean camps, abide by legal limits and rules, share with others, educate the next generation, and give thanks for what they get.

Which kind of Sportsman are you?

Montana Grant

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