The Fort Peck Headquarters: A Visit Review
By Krawdaddy Jones

Posted: December 24, 2021

This past week I had the pleasure of being hosted for a night by the Captain at the Montana Outdoor Fort Peck Headquarters, in Fort Peck, Montana. The temperature reached below zero, and I was grateful for the warm company and even warmer wood burning stove. The Headquarters are put together to fit the lifestyle of the sportswomen and men at Fort Peck. The lodge can sleep up to 8 people. The outbuilding is a fantastic space for storage of cars, boats, as well as an additional living space. If you’re looking to explore the Fort Peck area this winter, check out my article about game you can hunt all winter long!




Fort Peck itself is a marvel of Montana outdoor fun! Located on the Eastern side of the state, the lake is 382.8 mi², which leaves plenty of room for all types of activities. Walleye and Pike fishing is prime on the lake, and in this chilly season Ice Fishing is the way to go. You can embrace this Fort Peck tradition by participating in the Ice Fishing Derby, which will be held early next year. In the warmer seasons, however, there’s much more than fishing happening around town. Starting June 1st, the Fort Peck Summer Theatre is opening with “Guys On Ice,” funnily enough a tale of guys that go ice fishing. In the fall, the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation hold the annual Poplar Indian Days powwow. This event is a celebration of the food, colors, and culture of the Indigenous tribes of the Fort Peck area. 


Now, enough about the glories of the Fort Peck area, and back to the Montana Outdoor Headquarters. Overall, my experience was pretty great. There’s ample room for relaxation, and the convenience of this home away from home would be hard to beat by any hotel or air bnb standard. Full washer and dryer, 3 total bathrooms, a flatscreen w Hulu, Netflix and more, as well as a full kitchen/dining area ensure that the experience is quality time and comfort after a long day of Fort Peck activities. I will say, as my one caveat, if you’re looking for a luxurious type of living environment, Fort Peck may run a little rugged. This true “man cave,” has a big, LED “Bud Light” sign on the wall, hundreds of fishing photos and taxidermied animals in every corner.



Overall, I had a wonderful experience at the Headquarters, and can’t wait to revisit in the summer months. As the weather gets warmer, the joys of the headquarters will as well. Fishing and hunting in the area is super convenient, so this spot is the outdoorsman’s paradise.




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