By Montana Grant

Posted: December 5, 2021

Most hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen venture forth for more than filled tag, stringer of fish, a slide down the mountain, or a drift down the creek. The game, fish, and fun are always appreciated but not always the main target.

Outdoor sport and adventure, sooth our souls. There is nothing like a wonderful sunrise or sunset to inspire and give us strength. When we fish, nothing else seems to matter more than the next cast.

Many of us have stressful jobs, family, and lives. Squeezing in a quick hunt or fishing trip can also add to the stress. They take planning and preparation. Not every day is a perfect one until we go for our hard-earned therapy sessions.

A float down the river allows the stress to flow out of us. We can pull the trigger on stress while 20 feet off the ground in a tree stand. A smooth ski run in fresh powder, releases all the unwanted stress. The smell of fresh perked coffee over a fire overpowers the stink of stress.

Before Therapists, stressed native peoples went to a sweat lodge. Perhaps they sang, danced, chanted, or simply sat around a fire. The sight of a crackling fire burns away any stress while it warms our bodies. Today a wall tent, camp stove, and cot helps us to unwind and relax.

The stress of life is what invited Mountain Men into wild, lonely, and open places. Big cities meant Big problems. Trapping beavers, hunting food, and focusing on a comfortable survival made life simpler and fun.

As a decades long teacher, Summer meant a time to recover. Teaching is a hard and important job. You can never be less than excellent. Kids can be unforgiving. It often took weeks of vacation to recover. Usually, I hit the road for a trout trek, camping adventure, river float, or something that allowed me to gain strength, loss the stress, and simply relax.

Many soldiers, first responders, cops, and hard workers understand this perfectly. Work is something that allows us to play or is supposed to. Many of us get so wrapped up in what we do, that we forget to recharge, reboot, or reward ourselves. This is when therapy is needed.

I am sure that “professional medical help”, can be important or justified but… Maybe hire a hunting or fishing guide. Take a trip into a lake or fish camp for a long week. Perhaps a fishing road trip to several bass lakes or trout streams. Live easy, free, and simply.

A beautiful sunrise or sunset can work miracles.


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