Washington Governor Unveils Nearly $200 Million Plan for Salmon Recovery
By angelamontana

Posted: December 23, 2021

Last week, Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee announced a monumental salmon recovery plan. As part of the state’s 2022 legislative priorities, Gov. Inslee outlined a $187 million investment in recovering salmon and steelhead in Washington, 13 of which are federally-listed, and improving habitats. Granted, this outline is just an idea at this point. It will need to go through the state legislature, and the devil will be in the details. However, the Governor’s plan to elevate salmon and steelhead recovery is certainly a welcomed development.

“Healthy salmon populations mean healthy water systems. We are updating our salmon strategy to provide a comprehensive, statewide foundation for salmon recovery,” Gov. Inslee said. “This approach is based on the latest science and tailored to address the stressors in the diverse regions of our state, spelling out the many different actions we must take to protect and restore salmon.”

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