Fort Peck Marina Dam Update 2.16.22
By angelamontana

Posted: February 16, 2022

Quick ice update for the Dam area from Fort Peck Marina:

The ice is holding up a lot better than expected with the warmer temps we experienced last week. We are seeing a nice cold snap with only one warm day in the next week which will help. Ice is still 14-15 inches on the main lake and pushing 18-20 inches in the bays. With that though we have seen a lot of open water show up around the points and gas pockets. The pressure ridges have healed up some with this cold snap but are still very thin overall and are moving quite regularly so just because you crossed in a location does not mean that crossing will be there later in the day. We strongly advise everyone goes slow and pays extra attention to the areas you are driving and check all Ice prior to crossing the pressure ridges. You also need to be extremely careful along all points and give them plenty of room. I know we have had a lot of questions from groups coming in the next few weeks but please we cannot stress enough to use extreme caution in these areas.

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