By Montana Grant

Posted: February 17, 2022

This is not what you want to say. Shooting is great fun but can cause great damage to your ears. You may not notice it as a youngster but when you start aging, the world could get quieter than you would like. 

Guns make loud noise. When you shoot a round of trap or skeet, your ears are subjected to 100 or more blasts. Big Game rifles also make Big Blasts. Every time you squeeze the trigger, your ear takes a shot. Soldiers often get blasted by even greater explosions and louder blasts. Hearing damage can occur from all loud noises, explosions, and gunshots.

Eyes also need protection from shooting blasts. Pieces of targets, brass, powder, and… often ricochet and can instantly damage your eyes. Bright flashes or light can do the same. Today there are great eyewear that enhance vision while protecting eyes from damage.

Fortunately, your ears do not have to be damaged from shooting, or other loud noises. Technology has created great earphones, plugs, and other ways to survive damaging blasts.

Here are some important ear protections. 

FOAM EAR PLUGS    If you wear nothing else, use a pair of foam ear plugs. These simple push in cylinders absorb noise and vibrations that would otherwise damage the inner ear. Many are connected with a string, so you don’t lose them. These are a lot better than shoving a finger in your ear. The problem with plugs is that they also reduce other noises as well.

Electronic Hearing Plugs/Aids are another option. They slide into the ear and can enhance what you hear, until you pull the trigger, then they electronically muffle the blast.

                EARPHONES    Earphones have come a long way. Initially, you would ear 2 connected cups that went over the ear. Even without insulation, they would deflect harsh sound vibrations. Today’s earphones minimize noise electronically. This means that you can hear everything until you pull the trigger. They then automatically, muffle the blast.

                SUPRESSORS    Stopping the muzzle blast at the source is another way to limit noise. Suppressors are now a legal addition in many states. They screw onto the end of the barrel and reduce the blast significantly. Muzzle brakes also reduce recoil.

If you are not using proper ear and eye protection when shooting, you will become blind and deaf!

Did you hear what I said? 

Montana Grant

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