“Ode to a Lobo” by Dan Helterline
By angelamontana

Posted: February 24, 2022

Dan Helterline is a man of many talents.  He is well known by many for his wolf trapping skills, but did you know he is actually a poet, too?  Take a look at his most recent work about the wolf pictured in the feature photo above.

Ode to a Lobo | by Dan Helterline

By the half moon light
One late February night
The snow sparkled that hung high in the trees
There was an unfamiliar smell
That the old wolf couldn’t tell
As it lingered up the breeze
Determined to find it’s source
The old wolf stayed on course
When the snow squeaked as he padded down the trail
It was cold as hell
And the old wolf
couldn’t tell
What was the source of the smell
That drew him closer and closer down the trail
He finally came to a stop
When he found the spot
That the smell was coming from
When he took a final step
Where the trap was set
Then came a fateful sound
The trap closed shut
As it sprang up from the ground
And as the chain stretched tight
That cold February night
The stars shone bright and it was colder than hell
The old wolf knew
His reign of terror was through
All because of that unfamiliar smell
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