By Montana Grant

Posted: February 12, 2022

So, how do you know when the fisherman, hunter, or outdoorsman is getting OLD? Sadly, this is a question that every Mountain Man, Woman, and Outdoor Sport needs to address at some point. Like it or not, every day alive is one day closer to the end.

Now that I have thoroughly depressed everyone, lets identify the clues and how to deal with them.

You know that you are getting OLD when …

Watching OLD, favorite movies has actors that are all dead.  The great Outdoor westerns and Pioneer movies featured great stars, but they have all passed. John Wayne, Charlton Heston, and so many others have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Most of the cast went along with them.

                Losing Weight is hard.    When we were younger, if we added a few pounds, a few weeks of jogging and simple diet modifications would do the trick. Now, it takes a Village to drop a few pounds.

Slip on Shoes have replaced laces and buckles.  Footwear that is a bit larger is easier to put on.Not having to bend over is welcome.

                Velcro is the new button and closure. Shirts, jackets, waders, and gear with Velcro closures is easier to deal with than buttonholes, straps, and buckles.

Glasses have become necessary for more than shooting and sun glare. You can still tell it’s a Buck, but you can’t count the tines.

                You would rather sit, and watch others hunt and fish than do it yourself. Pictures are less important than the stories. The job of camp cook sounds better.

Wading has become more of a shallow adventure. A wading stick is now in hand.

                Walking becomes more of a trek to the truck, wheeler, or boat. After that, a nice seat is helpful. Especially if it is heated.

Lowland hunting is easier than highland hunting or trekking. The altitude, steep grades, and physical challenge has made flatlands more inviting.

Hearing has become more of a challenge. A lifetime of revving engines, shooting guns, and loud noises have taken their toll. Now you need to repeat “What did you say?”

You are just less flexy! Any bending, climbing, stairs, or moving is just harder and slower.

Memories are just not as sharp. You can visualize the hunt and faces but just can’t remember the names. Some jellyfish or Brain Power supplements are now a routine.

Peeing has become a more frequent need. Sleeping at night means a few runs to the facilities. Your bladder od steel has rusted. You don’t buy beer and drinks, you just rent them. Getting up early is easier since you are already up.

Fortunately, you can address many of these problems. Supplements, treatments, exercises, diet, and other programs can help. Check with your Doctor and get a tune up.

It’s like the Old Bull and the Young Bull story. The bulls are gazing down at a herd of cows and the Young Bull says, lets run down there and get us a few cows. The Old Bull says, lets walk down and getem all!

Age gracefully and fully! 

Montana Grant

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