By Montana Grant

Posted: February 2, 2022

Fish Tanks are great fun. Having an aquarium set up in your home or room offers therapeutic and soothing sights and sounds. The light also serves as a nightlight. Watching the fish and aquatic critters enjoy their home is a great reward.

Kids especially enjoy fish tanks. Teaching them how to prepare the water, understand chemistry, and have the responsibility to care of their new friends are great learning moments. They also get to choose and learn about their finned friends.

In the past, aquaria were a bit smelly, noisy, challenging, and messy to set up. There are many new set ups that are way easier to work with and healthy for fish.

Try the FLUVAL “M” series of premium aquaria. These aquaria come in a variety of sizes and options. The two best options are the 9 gallon or 15-gallon sizes. This series has a great light system that is operated with a remote control that offers multicolor and intensities.

The front of the tank is curved and there are no visible framed edges. The unit is clear from all angles. The filter bags fit into the submerged foam filter that is unseen, in the rear of the tank. There is also a section dedicated for the heater and another for the submersible pump. I made a simple wooden base for mine. The back of my base is open, so I can store the power strip and air pump out of sight. I put felt on the bottom so I can slide it around when I clean it. The Fluval tank is on my kitchen counter. 

You can also add an aerator bar with a separate air pump. Simply add some gravel to the bottom and place in your decorations. If you do not use real plants, add a live plant floating ball to the tank. This live ball is attached to a string and anchor that allows it to float freely in the rear of the tank.

Make sure that your water sits a few days before adding fish and critters. Get the aquaria to a safe temperature and completely ready before adding fish.

I suggest guppies, swordtails, Zebras, Platys, or live bearers. Make sure to get a pair of each. Wait to get any snails or algae eaters until algae has begun to form. This may take a few weeks. Moon snails are big and fun to watch. One will do what you need and clean the interior glass perfectly. The algae eaters will take care of the rest.

Once your tank is running, consider adding some Blue Gourami’s or Angel fish. You can also pick and choose other favorites. Goldfish are messy and require more frequent filter changes. They also stink. You may also find wild minnows are fun to catch and enjoy.

This Fluval Flex system can be purchased at most local pet shops or bought off Amazon. You get what you pay for.

Enjoy getting Tanked! 

Montana Grant

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