Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry: Taxidermy at its finest
By angelamontana

Posted: February 2, 2022

Wow. Just when I think I have already seen the most incredible taxidermy, I stumble across this beauty below!

Nathan Wilson, of Crossville, Tennessee, posted a few pictures of some recent work in the Facebook group, Taxidermy Talk 101–and, boy, has it gotten some attention!  With over 1,100 reactions, as of 12:30am on February 2, to the post in that group, it has proven to be a popular piece of art!  However, when you go to the Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry, a business that Nathan is co-owner of, page on Facebook, the post has more than double the reactions at over 2,800 1:00am on February 2.

Here is the caption Wilson included in his original post of the taxidermy piece on his personal page:

Mr Trent Heard,s Dec 30 Texas Storm Buck , The Massive ice storm that hit Texas followed with 6 to 8 inches of snow , Flights canceled and power outages for weeks . Mr Trent asked me to recapture the moment and hunt that he will never forget . Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry Crossville Tennessee,Appreciate Mr Ron Baker Photography for shooting this piece 👊

That sure is a beautiful piece of work!

Feature photo credit: Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry
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